Mar 14

Sony MDR1000X 系列頂級藍芽無線耳機(原廠重整機)特價$300

[03/14/2017] Sony MDR1000X 系列頂級藍芽無線耳機,Sony MDR1000X Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Headphones Manufacturer Refurbished | Warranty | 30 Day Returns,卓越的主動式抑制噪音功能,音效很棒,評價很棒,原廠重整機,圓場保固三個月,目前特價$299.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:secondipity via eBay。更多促銷產品,請看:eBay Daily Deals


Feb 24

Sony MDR100 h.Ear 高傳真無線耳機特價$199

[09/15/2016] eBay Daily Deals 有一件不錯的促銷產品。Sony MDR100 h.Ear 高傳真無線耳機,Sony MDR100 h.Ear on Wireless NC On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones w/ NFC – Black Brand New, USA Warranty, Authorized Sony Dealer,全新,目前特價$199.00 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:Buydig via eBay。更多促銷產品,請看:eBay Daily Deals


Jan 02

最新一代 Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless高傳真無線耳機特價$325

[01/02/2017] 最新一代 Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless高傳真無線耳機,具有主動式抑制噪音功能,Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Black,評價超好,全新,目前特價$324.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: ritzcameras via eBay。更多促銷產品,請看:eBay Daily Deals


Dec 24

Parrot – Zik 3 Parrot 高傳真藍芽無線耳機(原廠重整機)特價$250

[12/24/2016] Parrot – Zik 3 Parrot 高傳真藍芽無線耳機,Parrot – Zik 3 Parrot by Starck Brown Croc (Refurbished)
Official Factory Store | Full Warranty
,評價超好,原廠重整機,目前特價$249.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: Parrot via eBay。更多促銷產品,請看:eBay Daily Deals

New automatic adaptive noise canceling and stunning 32-bit audio processing
Smart touch control panel and Bluetooth 3.0 audio streaming
Charge your headphones wirelessly or use USB audio to listen and charge simultaneously
Listen for 18 hours with “flight mode”
Control, share and customize your music with the updated free Zik app


Dec 04

BeyerDynamic T90 Chrome 系列 250 OHM 限量版高電阻高傳真耳機特價$249

[12/04/2016] BeyerDynamic T90 Chrome 系列 250 OHM 限量版高電阻高傳真耳機,BeyerDynamic T90 Chrome-Exclusive Limited Edition Audiophile Headphones 250 OHM 716758, Brand New, USA Warranty,全新,目前特價$249 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:buydig via eBay。更多促銷產品,請看:eBay Daily Deals