Oct 28

最新一代 Kindle Oasis 7吋IPX8防水型電子書閱讀器

[10/28/2017] 最新一代 Kindle Oasis 電子書閱讀器,All-New Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle including Kindle Oasis 7″ E-reader (32 GB, Special Offers), Amazon Premium Leather Standing Cover (Midnight), and Power Adapter,加大7吋螢幕,IPX8 防水,容量 32GB,包括皮套,以及充電插頭,免費3G上網,定價$359.99,目前預購特價$339.97 USD。 Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

Sep 17

Think Like a Freak (Kindle版電子書)特價$2

[09/17/2017] Think Like a Freak 電子書 ,Think Like a Freak: The Authors of Freakonomics Offer to Retrain Your Brain Kindle Edition by Steven D. Levitt (Author), Stephen J. Dubner (Author),帶領你用不同的觀點來認識世界,評價非常好,Kindle版電子書,目前特價$1.99 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

Sep 17

Gordon 領導統御專書The Power of Positive Leadership特價$5 (Kindle版電子書)

[09/17/2017] Gordon 的領導統御專書 ,The Power of Positive Leadership: How and Why Positive Leaders Transform Teams and Organizations and Change the World Kindle Edition by Jon Gordon (Author),評價非常好,Kindle版電子書,目前特價$4.99 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

Sep 17

Kouzes 與 Posner 合著的領導統御專書The Leadership Challenge特價$7 (Kindle版電子書)

[09/17/2017] Kouzes 與 Posner 合著的領導統御專書 ,The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations (J-B Leadership Challenge: Kouzes/Posner) Kindle Edition by James M. Kouzes (Author), Barry Z. Posner (Author),評價非常好,Kindle版電子書,目前特價$6.99 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

Jul 11

最新一代 Kindle Oasis 電子書閱讀器+充電皮套特價$310 (折扣$50)

[07/11/2017] 最新一代 Kindle Oasis 電子書閱讀器,Kindle Oasis E-reader with Leather Charging Cover – Black, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Free 3G + Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers,6吋螢幕,包括皮套,免費3G上網,定價$359.99,目前特價$309.99 USD。 Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

May 10

Rosetta Stone 語言學習套件+Amazon Fire with Alexa 7吋平板電腦合購特價$140

[05/10/2017] 特價只有今天。很奇特的促銷組合,但是省很多。Amazon Fire with Alexa 7吋平板電腦,搭配熱門的 Rosetta Stone 語言學習套件,Learn English: Rosetta Stone English (American) – Level 1-5 Set with Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display, 16 GB, Blue,兩件合購,今天特價$139.99 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

如果你正好需要學語言,看電視影片也是很好的方式吧,Kindle Fire 用來看Amazon的影片非常方便。除了西班牙文之外,還有其他與言的學習套件可以選。

Jan 16

Kindle Essentials Bundle 特價$80

[01/16/2017] Kindle Essentials Bundle 電子書閱讀器超值套裝優惠,Kindle Essentials Bundle including Kindle 6” E-Reader, Black with Special Offers, Amazon Cover for Kindle – Black, and Power Adapter ,除了6吋螢幕的電子書閱讀器之外,還包括保護套與充電插頭,目前特價$114.97,使用折扣碼 KINDLEBUNDLE 之後,價格降為$79.97 USD。相當於保護套與插頭是免費的。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買:amazon

Dec 27


[12/27/2016] 多款2016年度暢銷新書,Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺兩折。例如 Real Food/Fake Food,Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do about It Kindle Edition
by Larry Olmsted (Author)
,目前特價只要$1.99 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[12/27/2016] 多款2016年度暢銷新書,Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺兩折。例如探討自閉症的最新著作 In a Different Key,In a Different Key: The Story of Autism Kindle Edition by John Donvan (Author), Caren Zucker (Author),目前特價只要$3.99 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[12/27/2016] 多款2016年度暢銷新書,Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺兩折。例如探討美國基進右派崛起的著作,Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right Kindle Edition by Jane Mayer (Author),目前特價只要$3.99 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[12/27/2016] 多款2016年度暢銷新書,Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺兩折。例如Lab Girl,Lab Girl Kindle Edition,目前特價只要$3.99 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[12/27/2016] 多款2016年度暢銷新書,Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺兩折。例如探討貧窮問題的Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City,Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Kindle Edition by Matthew Desmond (Author),目前特價只要$3.99 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

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Dec 12

Kindle Paperwhite 電子書閱讀器+皮套+充電插頭特價$120

[12/12/2016] 超棒的促銷,Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle 電子書閱讀器,Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite 6″ E-Reader, Black with Special Offers, Amazon Leather Cover – Onyx Black, and Power Adapter,加送皮套以及充電插頭,定價$179.97,目前特價$119.99 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買:amazon

Dec 05

Amazon Fire 7吋 16GB + Amazon Tap with Alexa合購特價$120

[12/05/2016] 特價只有今天。選購 Amazon Fire 7吋平板電腦,以及內建Alexa語音助理的Amazon Tap藍芽無線喇叭,Amazon Fire Tablet, 7” Display, 16 GB – includes Special Offers + Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker,全新,今天合購特價$119.98 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

Aug 28

精彩的科普讀物 What If? 電子書(Kindle版)特價$3

[08/28/2016] 精彩的科普讀物 What If? ,What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Kindle Edition by Randall Munroe (Author),Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

[01/02/2016] 精彩的科普讀物 Thing Explainer ,Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words [Print Replica] Kindle Edition
by Randall Munroe (Author)
,Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

Aug 12

BEATRIX POTTER Ultimate Collection 經典童書全集Kindle版電子書特價$1

[08/12/2016] BEATRIX POTTER Ultimate Collection 經典童書全集,BEATRIX POTTER Ultimate Collection – 22 Children’s Books With Complete Original Illustrations: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, … Moppet, The Tale of Tom Kitten and more Kindle Edition,包括彼得兔系列,原著插畫也包括在內,Kindle版電子書,特價只要$0.99 USD。Prime境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

Jun 25


[06/25/2016] 解構生活習慣背後意義的精采行為科學書,The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business Kindle Edition,Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$3.99 USD。 Prime境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

[06/25/2016] 精闢的金融分析,The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine Kindle Edition,Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$3.99 USD。 Prime境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

[06/25/2016] 精彩的行為研究書籍,探討勇氣的真諦,Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead Kindle Edition,Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$3.99 USD。 Prime境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

Apr 24

Fire Kids Edition 平板電腦特價$80

[04/24/2016] 專為小朋友設計的 Fire Kids Edition 平板電腦,Fire Kids Edition, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case,包括 Amazon FreeTime Unlimited 一年份,兩年保固(不用擔心小朋友摔壞),還有保護套,定價$99.99,目前特價只要$79.99 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

Apr 03

The Silkworm 與 The Cuckoo’s Calling 電子書每本特價$3

[04/03/2016] 哈利波特作者羅琳用筆名出版的小說,The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike Book 2) Kindle Edition by Robert Galbraith (Author),Kindle版電子書,定價$9.99,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。 Prime境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

[04/03/2016] 哈利波特作者羅琳用筆名出版的小說,The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike Book 1) Kindle Edition,Kindle版電子書,定價$9.99,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。 Prime境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

Jan 26


[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。當代哲學思想家 Judith Butler 的論文合集,Senses of the Subject Kindle Edition by Judith Butler (Author),Kindle版電子書,今天特價$2.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。當代心靈哲學大師 David J. Chalmers 的專書 Constructing the World,Constructing the World Kindle Edition by David J. Chalmers (Author),Kindle版電子書,今天特價$4.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。另外一本心靈哲學著作,The Conscious Brain: How Attention Engenders Experience (Philosophy of Mind) Kindle Edition
by Jesse J. Prinz (Author)
,Kindle版電子書,今天特價$4.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。講述後殖民論述先驅 Frantz Fanon 的哲學導論,What Fanon Said: A Philosophical Introduction to His Life and Thought (Just Ideas (FUP)) Kindle Edition by Lewis R. Gordon (Author), ,Kindle版電子書,今天特價$2.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。當代倫理學大師 T. M. Scanlon 的專書,Being Realistic about Reasons Kindle Edition by T. M. Scanlon (Author) ,Kindle版電子書,今天特價$4.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。講述法國哲學家 Montaigne 的哲學專書,The Skepticism of Michel de Montaigne (International Archives of the History of Ideas Archives internationales d’histoire des idées) Kindle Edition by Manuel Bermúdez Vázquez (Author) ,Kindle版電子書,今天特價$9.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。科學哲學專書,Is Water H2O?: Evidence, Realism and Pluralism: 293 (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science) Kindle Edition by Hasok Chang (Author) ,Kindle版電子書,今天特價$6.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

[01/26/2016] 特價只有今天。相當罕見的促銷。科學哲學史名著,The Forgotten Revolution: How Science Was Born in 300 BC and Why it Had to Be Reborn Kindle Edition by Lucio Russo (Author), Silvio (translator) Levy (Author) ,Kindle版電子書,今天特價$4.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon

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Dec 31


[12/31/2015] 心靈探索的暢銷書 Man’s Search For Meaning ,Man’s Search For Meaning, Gift Edition Kindle Edition by Viktor E. Frankl (Author),,Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

[12/31/2015] 曾經被改編成電影的感人回憶錄 Angela’s Ashes ,Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir Kindle Edition by Frank McCourt (Author),Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

[12/31/2015] 經典的當代小說 Slaughterhouse-Five ,Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel (Modern Library 100 Best Novels) Kindle Edition
by Kurt Vonnegut (Author)
,Kindle版電子書,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

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Dec 15

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 吋平板電腦16GB 4G LTE特價$350

[12/15/2015] Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 吋平板電腦(上一代),Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation – 3rd),超高解析度,如果你是Amazon Prime的會員,幾乎是家用平板電腦的不二選擇,容量 16 GB,支援 Wi-Fi 與 4G LTE 上網,定價$449.99,目前特價只要$349.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

Aug 31


[08/31/2015] 特價只有今天。各種學術類Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺一折。例如這本講述當代保守主義思潮的 The Reactionary Mind,The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin Kindle Edition,定價$12.99,目前特價$1.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon

[08/31/2015] 特價只有今天。各種學術類Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺一折。例如這本 Data Science for Business,Data Science for Business: What you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking Kindle Edition,定價$39.99,目前特價$5.49 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon。更多選擇,請看: amazon Kindle

[08/31/2015] 特價只有今天。各種學術類Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺一折。例如這本 On Writing Well,On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction Kindle Edition,定價$15.99,目前特價$1.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon。更多選擇,請看: amazon Kindle

[08/31/2015] 特價只有今天。各種學術類Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺一折。例如當代哲學名家 Thomas Nagel 最新力作 Mind and Cosmos,Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False Kindle Edition,定價$16.99,目前特價$2.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon。更多選擇,請看: amazon Kindle

[08/31/2015] 特價只有今天。各種學術類Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺一折。例如Cybersecurity and Cyberwar,Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to KnowRG Kindle Edition,定價$16.99,目前特價$2.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon。更多選擇,請看: amazon Kindle

[08/31/2015] 特價只有今天。各種學術類Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺一折。例如這本講述美國教育改革的Improbable Scholars,Improbable Scholars: The Rebirth of a Great American School System and a Strategy for America’s Schools Kindle Edition,定價$16.99,目前特價$2.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon。更多選擇,請看: amazon Kindle

[08/31/2015] 特價只有今天。各種學術類Kindle版電子書,今天折扣下殺一折。例如這本 Social Entrepreneurship ,Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to KnowRG Kindle Edition,定價$10.99,目前特價$1.99 USD。境內免運費。哪裡買: amazon。更多選擇,請看: amazon Kindle

Feb 24

Kindle Fire平板電腦全系列今天特價

[02/24/2015] Fire HDX 8.9 8.9 吋平板電腦,Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet 8.9″ HDX Display, Wi-Fi, Optional 4G LTE Wireless, 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB,完美支援 Amazon 影音內容,前後攝影機,定價$379,目前特價只要$322 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

[02/24/2015] Fire HD 7 吋平板電腦,Fire HD 7 Tablet
7″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, Front and Rear Cameras, 8 GB or 16 GB
,完美支援 Amazon 影音內容,前後攝影機,定價$139,目前特價只要$118 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

[02/24/2015] Fire HD 6 吋平板電腦,Fire HD 6 Tablet 6″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, Front and Rear Cameras, 8 GB or 16 GB,完美支援 Amazon 影音內容,前後攝影機,定價$99,目前特價只要$84 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

[02/24/2015] Fire HD Kids Edition 平板電腦,Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet Fire HD 6 or 7 Tablet, 8 GB, 1 Year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, 2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee, Kid-Proof Protective Case,包括 Amazon 針對兒童學習娛樂需求設計的 FreeTime Unlimited 影音內容一年份無限收看,完美支援 Amazon 影音內容,兩年Worry-Free保固,保護殼,定價$149,目前特價只要$126 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

[02/01/2015] Kindle Fire HDX 7 吋平板電腦,Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet 7″ HDX Display, Wi-Fi, Optional 4G LTE Wireless, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB,完美支援 Amazon 影音內容,前後攝影機,定價$239,目前特價只要$199 USD。Prime境內免運費 (學生可以免費試用Prime)。哪裡買: amazon

Jan 13

上百本 Kindle 版電子書今天特價折扣下殺二五折

[01/13/2015] 特價只有今天。上百本 Kindle 版電子書,今天特價折扣下殺二五折。跟之前的言情小說促銷不同,今天有更多人文社會科學與自然科學的書刊選項,喜歡讀書的朋友們,記得去看看喲。例如”華盛頓的崛起”,The Ascent of George Washington: The Hidden Political Genius of an American Icon [Kindle Edition],定價$15.99,目前特價只要$1.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

或是分子生物學家撰寫的 Brain Rules ,Brain Rules (Updated and Expanded): 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School [Kindle Edition],定價$10.99,目前特價只要$2.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

或是職場成功密技 ,How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying [Kindle Edition] Carol Leifer (Author),定價$19.95,目前特價只要$3.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

或是這本反省環保運動可能帶來的衝擊 ,Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America [Kindle Edition] Brian Sussman (Author),定價$9.95,目前特價只要$1.99 USD。哪裡買: amazon

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Kindle版電子書可以透過免費App來閱讀,請看: Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Dec 29


[12/28/2014] Amazon 目前有25本Kindle版童書,25 Kids’ Books, $1 Each ,每本特價只要$1.00 USD。例如,The Spaghetti-Slurping Sewer Serpent [Kindle Edition] Laura Ripes (Author), Aaron Zenz (Illustrator),Kindle版電子書,特價$1.00 USD。Prime 境內免運費。哪裡買:amazon




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